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COVID-19 in KSA: Almost 40% of Cases Recovered

Some good news!

The Saudi Health Ministry announced on May 13th that almost 40% of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Kingdom recovered from the pandemic disease.

“It is the second day in a row where recoveries outnumber the confirmed cases. Recently, we have seen an intersection between the new recorded cases curve and the recovery curve, while the recovery curve is rising rapidly which is a very positive sign,” said Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly. 

With a death rate being “stable and fairly low” in the Kingdom, “Neither performance nor medical protocols at Saudi hospitals were affected by the pandemic, including ambulance fleets and Saudi Red Crescent Authority staff. Emergency departments continue to receive all types of urgent cases around the clock,” he added. 

Al Aly reminded his public of the precautionary measures that must be taken to contain the virus: no social gatherings and self-isolation. “Please abide by the instructions and stay away from anything that violates them, especially gatherings or leaving your homes for unnecessary purposes; abide by the recommended hygienic behavior, such as washing your hands and avoiding touching surfaces,” Al-Aly said.

Here’s the breakdown of the latest numbers from the same date:

  • 2,365 new recoveries, bringing the total number to 17,622. 
  • 1,905 new cases confirmed with the total number of cases reaching 44,830
  • 42% of the new cases are Saudis, 22% are female and 8% are children.
  • 26,935 COVID-19 cases are currently receiving treatment in Saudi hospitals with 147 cases in critical condition.
  • 9 new deaths are announced, taking the death toll to 273. The victims were aged between 42 and 80 and most had chronic diseases.
  • 99% of confirmed cases experienced fever, while 60% had a cough and 30% had difficulty breathing

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