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Post-Pandemic, B20 Saudi Arabia To Maximize Women's Economic Role

Women run the world. Period.

Ever since the world came into a halt, business and schools have shut their doors moving most of their operations online. This change of routine has shaken up households but has also brought new perspectives into sight. The COVID-19 pandemic gave working moms what they’ve always wanted: time to lead successful careers without compromising on childcare. The swift adaptation to technology and the internet to implement day-to-day operations offered mothers the gift of flexibility. 

B20 Saudi Arabia has taken note of these immanent lifestyle changes... According to the Morning Consult Survey, with the move of children’s education and entertainment to home, 70% of women stated they have full responsibility for schoolwork and 66% for childcare. 

As per a statement released by the US-Saudi Business council on May 12, the B20 Saudi Arabia is working around the clock to implement recommendations and policies, “such as enhancing the digital infrastructure and strengthening cyber-security as digitalization in the workforce increases, that will cultivate an inclusive, flexible workforce and lead to positive impact on the future of work for women”. Leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are also on the forefront of the committee’s priorities. One of the recommendations will support women-owned businesses and startups with a strong focus on micro businesses and SMEs, vulnerably hit by the economic impact of the pandemic. 

A recent study by Boston Consulting Group concluded that the global GDP would increase by 3-6% ($2.5-5 trillion USD) if the percentage of women in the workforce were to become equal to men. The B20 Presidency restates that it’s the responsibility of governments and international business ecosystems “to create an inclusive environment and cultivate women entrepreneurs to facilitate the development and potential of women in business”.   


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