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Disney+ Calls For Actors For A New Film On Eid & We Simply Can't Wait

In the spirit of Ramadan and forthcoming Eid celebrations, it seems as though Disney+ have realized what may be missing from their TV and film offerings!

Pushing for more diverse productions, the streaming platform is working on a short film depicting how Muslims celebrate Eid. The festive holiday will be the focus of the forthcoming title, “American Eid,” a low budget production which will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Writer Sarah Anwer initiated the casting call on Twitter which read: “Disney is making a short film about a Pakistani family celebrating Eid. Here’s the casting info and link to apply.”

Looking for actors who speak and understand both English and Urdu to play, the film will capture the realities of many Muslim immigrant families in America. The main story follows Ameena, a 9 year-old-girl who wants Eid to be celebrated as an official national holiday in America, which is not the case. Because Eid falls on a new moon after the month of Ramadan, the film shows Ameena petitioning at school for Eid to be made an official holiday so that her family doesn't skip it due to work commitments.

Her older sister Zara is against the idea as she wants nothing more than to fit in her new school and conform to the status quo – including trying to speak with an American accent and dropping her name to be nicknamed “Z” instead. Zara and Ameena fall out over the petition for an Eid holiday after which the family drama ensues…

The casting of the characters calls for parents, grandparents and of course the main characters, and will be shot in Los Angeles. The film may also be broadcasted on OSN across the Middle East following the procurement of the distribution rights to Disney+ Originals.

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