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Ozla Art, Saudi Arabia's Must-See Virtual Exhibition On Isolation

Throughout history some of the greatest artists produced their best work in isolation - hello Frida Kahlo! 

As we still face lockdown, Saudi artists invested in their free time to create remarkable artworks and with the help of the Ministry of Culture, the world can now bask in quarantine art from home. We bring you the latest offering in art from the Kingdom, a virtual art gallery, born out of self-isolation practices. Entitled, “The Art of Isolation,” Ozla Art has launched the Kingdom’s first ever virtual exhibition that showcases the work of both professional and amateur Saudi artists. 

The virtual exhibition simulates a realistic tour of an art gallery, allowing viewers to take in the work of each artist and move from one gallery to the next by simply clicking and dragging to move their view and using the direction keys on a keyboard to move around.

Created by the Mayadeen Group in collaboration with Saudi Telecom Co., the interactive exhibition wall states in Arabic, “It is said that isolation can be fertile ground to cultivate as a person’s artistic side and act as food for the free spirit. For this reason, we have used our isolation to show our solidarity. In the exhibition The Art of Isolation, everyone has a right to spark their creativity,” encouraging and inviting more Saudi artists to showcase their work during trying times.

The Saudi artists to watch out for include Abdulmohsen Alswailem, whose acrylic paintings of Saudi historical sites are a colorful delight, as well as Fatimah Al Nemer, who conveys the topic of female identity through her portraits of women in traditional clothing facing an Arabesque backdrop. What's more is that some Saudi artists have also tackled artworks synonym of the pandemic health crisis we're living in.

Tour the virtual exhibition yourself by clicking here. Enjoy!

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