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Meet Saudi Arabia’s Female Top Chef Winner

Sama Jaad, your new favorite chef...

Before the coronavirus broke out in March, one of Saudi Arabia's most acclaimed female chefs showed off her unparalleled culinary skills on TV as she honored Saudi cuisine... In the season 4 of Top Chef Middle East, which ended in March, Saudi Arabian chef Sama Jaad took home the winning title. Sama made headlines for being not only the first Saudi to be awarded the title of Top Chef since the show launched its Arabic version but the first Saudi woman to nab the top spot on the show.


Une publication partagée par sama | سم (@sama_jaad) le

Speaking on her monumental win, the Saudi chef expressed her joy, saying that this prestigious achievement is one that truly symbolizes the passion and love she has for what she does. She also expressed how this title will forever change her life and took the opportunity to highlight the unwavering support she has been given by her husband and children over the course of her career.


Une publication partagée par sama |سما (@sama_jaad) le

Upon her win, Sama wrote on her Instagram: “No words can express my happiness at this moment. It’s a dream come true for me. Today my life has changed forever. With pride, I can say that I am the first Saudi woman to earn the title of Top Chef. The journey towards this achievement has not been an easy one and being away from my children wasn’t either. As a wife and a mother, balancing the pursuit of my dream and caring for my family was at times exhausting. With all my heart, I want to thank my husband for his support and faith in me, which made me stronger. You have always told me that I am ambitious and that you love my drive, madness, passion, and my willingness to fight for our dream. I am strong today because of you, and I want to tell you that I love you, I love your patience and your support. I thank my children who are my strength, particularly during moments of weakness and despair, my children who see me a superwoman.”


Une publication partagée par sama | سما (@sama_jaad) le

 At the beginning of the season, Sama shared powerful words on her determination to be the best chef and mother she can be, saying, “Top Chef is my chance to prove to myself, it is an opportunity to prove to Jad and Bakr that their mother is strong,” and it was indeed an experience that allowed her to shine and maintain her creativity despite the judges’ sometimes ruthless remarks. Stay for more from the culinary whiz!

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