A Step-By-Step Guide to Long-Lasting Lip Colour

Make your lipstick last all day long with this helpful guide.

Lipstick can be an instant pick-me-up (especially that red one you get out when you want to look fierce.) Yet most of us have a problem in making it stay put and having to constantly reapply can be a real pain. By making the time to put these seven steps into action, your lipstick will last all day long and then some. As well as saving yourself the frustration of having to constantly top up your lipstick, these tips will help your puckers look hydrated and enhance the colour of your favourite lippie.

Prep your lips: Ensuring your lips are smooth and nourished doesn’t just give your lipstick a fantastic finish; it provides real staying power. The best way to have permanently silky and soft lips is to exfoliate them regularly. All you have to do is dampen them and apply an exfoliator or sugar scrub with an old toothbrush. Alternatively, just soak a cloth in warm water, but always rub in small, circular motions for the best results. All this helps eliminate dead skin cells before you swipe on some colour.

Don’t forget the lip balm: The next step is to restore moisture with some lip balm. As well as boosting hydration, applying some waxy (not slippery) balm before your main lip colour allows the texture to stop the lip colour from absorbing into your lips. However, it’s better to get out the lip balm at least 10 minutes before you smack on your preferred colour so that it can get well immersed, allowing you to really gain from the benefits.

Add lip primer to your beauty bag: Using lip primer is a make-up artist-approved trick to ensure smooth application and long-lasting colour. Primers also help your lips look fabulous and hydrated. Your best bet is to find one that has a conditioning buffer that locks in moisture as well as strong pigments that can hide any discolouration.   

Concealers and foundations help too: Like using a base on your eyelid before shadow, patting on concealer or foundation before lipstick helps the colour to stick, sets it and helps you avoid smudges. Put enough to cancel your lip's natural pink so that your pout’s real hue comes through. If you have a dark skin tone, this also helps enrich the lipstick's true colour. Plus, if you're wearing a colour like red, outlining the outer edge of your lip line with concealer by dabbing it on softly with your fingers will prevent bleeding. Try and find a waterproof concealer for a lasting effect.

Line those lips: Make-up professionals are loud proponents of lip liner, which helps to prevent dry, cracked lips and lipstick feathering. Plus, lip pencils are drier than lipstick and serve as something for the lipstick to grab onto. However, there’s a certain technique that allows this habit to work best. Use the liner all over the lips, then continue by layering the lipstick on top (using a brush will give you greater control and precision when applying colour). Once you’ve done that, outline the outer lines of your pout with the liner, which will form a barrier that prevents a bleed over the edges of your lips. Make sure to use a liner shade very similar to your lipstick.

Blot with translucent powder: Blotting is an essential step to getting your lipstick to go the extra mile. Take a tissue and separate it into single ply. Place one sheet on your lips and dust a translucent loose or pressed powder through the tissue over your lips. This routine, which you'll see make-up artists doing backstage at fashion shows, sets the colour without making it look dusty.

Apply a final layer: The closing touch to getting your lip colour to go the distance is to lightly apply a last coat of lipstick after the blotting process, which will give your lips a luscious glossy finish. Then all that’s left to do is smile knowing there’s no chance of your lippie budging!

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