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This Saudi Female Football Player Is Scoring All Her Dream Goals

Meet Johara Al-Sudairi...

Let's meet a trailblazing figure in women's football in the Kingdom! Johara Al-Sudairy has been holding her team's name high and paving the way for more young Saudi women to enter this exciting sport...

Kuwaiti football club Al-Arabi has welcomed Saudi Arabian player Johara Al-Sudairi as part of its team back in February. Her presence in the team will initially be for a trial period and is seen as a key step towards professionalism in the field. Al-Sudairi caught the attention of scouts while she was still part of the Jeddah Eagles, particularly during the team’s participation in the Jeddah Women's League. The talented athlete played in three games during the competition and scored a total of eight goals, a feat that propelled her team to first place in the league.

Speaking on her experience thus far in the Kuwaiti League, Al-Sudairi said, “It’s highly popular and supported. The general atmosphere of each game is professional yet fun, which heightens the enthusiasm of the players and motivates the audience to attend games and cheer their teams on.”

She also pointed out that Al-Arabi is considered to be one of the strongest competing clubs in the region and is always nominated for titles. Indeed, the team succeeded in reaching the finals after beating Alqadeseya 7-4, an experience that Al-Sudairi described as “beyond fantastic.”

She added, “We hope that Saudi female players will continue to be supported and feel motivated to go through such experiences in the field, especially as Saudi Arabian girls have the knowledge and skills to lead them towards similar experiences.”

We can't wait for these uncertain times to end to see Al-Sudairi back on the field breaking records again and representing Saudi Arabia!

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