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Netflix Middle East Celebrates Arab Girl Bosses

Netflix Middle East is dedicating the entire month of Ramadan to celebrate women. Inspired by the success of its female-driven series, the Netflix team created a women empowerment campaign under the title “Doorha Botoula” featuring thirty females leading in their creative careers across the Arab region. On each day of Ramadan, one these “girl bosses” is highlighted, linking her success story to her favourite female lead on Netflix.

Alaa Balkhy

“Netflix couldn’t have chosen a better group of women,” said Alaa Balkhy, New York based Saudi blogger and fashion designer. “We all share the same goal: to collaborate and not compete. It was a great opportunity for all of us to connect, and connect our audiences too.”

Nourane Owais

All of the featured women share the same exciting entrepreneurial spirit and have been fearless and steadfast in their pursuits. Nourane Owais, watercolourist and illustrator, told us that she hopes this campaign helps in changing the mindset of media players into seeing women as leads rather than the second place default.

Lebanese Youtuber Lynn Jisr also explained, “We need to hear more about these success stories. Women are absolutely bursting with potential, and if we nourish them, everyone wins.”


That’s not all. Along with the campaign, Netflix also released a video advertisement showing the despite all the stresses that women in the Arab region face on a daily basis, from cars breaking down, to being late to work, to multitasking or not getting enough rest, comfort is one Netflix show away. And we couldn’t agree more!


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