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4 Delectable Saudi Dishes To Try This Ramadan

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During the holy month of Ramadan, whilst you’re fasting, it's likely that you’re thinking about preparing and cooking your iftar and suhoor meals. So when you lack some inspo, why not let help you along the way?

On the menu today is Saudi cuisine, here are our four favorite Saudi dishes... Stay tuned for more foodie guides!

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Matazeez is a traditional dish that is made up of doughy flat dumplings that are cooked in a stew of vegetables, meat, tomato sauce and local spices. The dough used for the dumplings is made from whole-wheat flour, salt, water and oil before it is cut into flattened circle shapes.

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Known as the “national dish of Saudi Arabia”, Kabsa is a traditional family meal that's the perfect option for a large group of people. The dish is made of mounds of rice and meat that are either cooked together or separately in spices, often with lamb, chicken, camel meat or fish. Kabsa is also referred to as makboos. Sahtein!

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It looks like porridge, but tastes much better than its appearance! Jareesh (or Harees) is a popular dish at major family gatherings, be it weddings, national holidays and particularly during Ramadan. Hailing from the northern part of Saudi Arabia, Harees is a dish made with wheat that is mixed with butter and water, and slow cooked with veggies. For the ones with a meaty appetite, feel free to mix it with lamb or chicken and enjoy!

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Qursan is another famous Saudi dish and is simple and slightly bland – yet super satisfying. It consists of dried thin wheat loafs which are saturated with a tomato based vegetable gravy and finished off with a garnishing of fried onions.

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