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The Amazing Shows & Films To Watch On Netflix In May

Who's excited for the next Ryan Murphy show addiction?

There's nothing like a good Netflix binge to get your mind off of the doom & gloom, watch out for these hot movie and show drops coming in May on the streaming platform. Whether it's a new Ryan Murphy show, French or Spanish drama, or a classic American thriller, you're bound to enjoy some entertainment as you stay safe at home. Happy Netflix & chill!

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The Wrong Missy

This comedy follows Tim, who thinks he has invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii – until he realizes when its too late that he had in fact accidentally invited someone he met on a nightmare blind date!

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Join the former American first lady and the modern day icon that is Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she tours with her book, “Becoming.”

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White Lines

A gripping series; Zoe Walker leaves her quiet ordinary life behind to investigate the disappearance of her brother in Ibiza, where she quickly heads down a decadent and dangerous path.

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Starring Patti LuPone and set in post WW2 Hollywood, an ambitious group of aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true…

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Mrs. Serial Killer

When a doctor gets arrested and jailed for a string of shocking murders, his loyal wife sets out to commit a copycat crime to prove his innocence. Stars Jacqueline Fernandez.

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Into The Night

Passengers and crew aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble to outrace the sun as a mysterious cosmic event wreaks havoc on the world below…

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18 Presents

A pregnant mother with terminal cancer leaves behind 18 sentimental gifts for her unborn daughter to receive every birthday until she turns 18 and becomes a woman.

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The Eddy

The owner of a Paris jazz club gets tangled up with dangerous criminals as he fights to protect his business, his band and his teenage daughter.

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Get In

Thriller; When he returns from a vacation and finds his home occupied by squatters, a family man is caught in a conflict that escalates to terrifying heights.

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A dutiful son must hide his pursuit of stand-up comedy from his staunch and strict father, who expects him to inherit his store and uphold their conservative Muslim beliefs.

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