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Saudi Women In The Workforce Lift Each Other Up During Lockdown

The recent years in Saudi Arabia have witnessed a rise in women boosting the workforce, under the Crown Prince's Vision 2030 of expanding the Saudi economy.

Rouaa al-Mousa, like plenty of Saudi women, graduated in the midst of positive reforms in the Kingdom that resulted in women flooding the labour market. Al-Mousa landed a job working the evening shift as a receptionist at a government institution in Riyadh. The coronavirus may be putting a halt to some of the jobs right now but not one Saudi woman is feeling less hopeful in her place in the workforce. Mousa herself is confident that 'the long-term trend' of getting women into the workforce is here to stay.

"I wanted to do my best during my studies so that I could get a job in academia afterwards, because that was the best option available for us. But big changes happened during the past four years. Almost all of my friends are now working, and when one of them doesn't get a job, it seems strange." she told AFP.

After months of looking for a job, Fatima al-Dakhil earned herself the position of sales manager at a French company in Khobar, but just weeks later Saudi Arabia went on lockdown to combat coronavirus. "All my girlfriends have joined the labour market," the 25-year-old told AFP, solemnly expressing hope the virus "crisis will pass". Despite pandemic concerns and uncertainty, Dakhil is sure of one thing: women across the country will continue to pursue careers.

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