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#YallahLetsOrder, Show Some Love To Local Restaurants In The Gulf

Make that Iftar or Suhour extra special by ordering from your favourite local restaurant…

Craving some piping hot Ramen noodles, hearty burritos, a satiating burger or maybe a bowl of vegan goodness? Well, ordering in your Iftar or Suhour this Ramadan not only lets you indulge, it also allows you to support your favourite neighbourhood restaurant and take a night off cooking, making it a triple win situation.

Times have been truly challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it even more important for communities across regions to join hands and come together. And that’s why Unilever Food Solutions has launched a nationwide campaign called “Yallah Let’s Order” to support restaurants across the GCC so they can get through the pandemic.

“It is a challenging and unprecedented time for the entire food service industry. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to pull through. #YALLAHLETSORDER is a small part that we can all play to help bring in traffic to restaurants and food operators, at a time they need it most,” Unilever Food Solution’s Marketing Director, Melinda Taylor, said. “We are confident that community and togetherness will be the enduring message of this crisis!”

The global food service company has taken inspiration from  #TheGreatAmericanTakeout in their effort to promote local restaurants and eateries in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Once every Thursday rolls around, all you need to do is make a call or simply place an order online. And by browsing through the various delivery apps and scouting the best deals, offers and family combos, you can really save some bucks. Then, post a picture or video of your dream meal on Instagram, tagging #YallahLetsOrder once the meal has been delivered. Another great way to help is to get the word out and encourage your fellow colleagues, friends and family to share on their platforms as well.


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During a time when food safety is everything, you can opt for contact-less delivery at checkout, while continuing to help your favourite local restaurants. A call/text will let you know when your food has been dropped off at the designated area.

In the US alone, this initiative has become a social media movement garnering over 20,000 active participants in a single week, ranging from foodies, restaurateurs and bloggers to celebrities.

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