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Saudi Arabia Announces Strict New Regulations For Retail Stores & Malls

Malls are also set to reopen!

As Saudi Arabia eases up its curfew, the government announced strict new strict regulations to abide by in retail stores and shopping malls. Here are all coronavirus precautions retail centers should take amidst their reopening.

  • Disinfection should occur every 24 hours
  • Shoppers must adhere to social distancing at all times and children under the age of 15 are not allowed to enter
  • Customers can only be paid electronically as a  ban on customers paying with banknotes is set.
  • Purchases goods cannot be returned or exchanged anymore.
  • Elevators may only be used with two shoppers at a time (if the center has no escalators or stairs).
  • Mall entertainment venues (cinemas, play areas and arcades) as well as prayer rooms and changing rooms will remain closed.
  • Shoppers and store employees must wear face masks at all times and security personnel should ensure that all visitors adhere to the new regulations
  • Benches, chairs, and any rest area should be removed from corridors and valet parking services will not be available
  • Medical examination and sterilization units must be placed at mall entrances to measure people’s temperature. Any individual with a temperature higher than 38 degree celsius will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Gloves and masks must be available at all times for shoppers at mall and shopping center entrances, and security guards must ensure visitors wear them upon entering. 
  • In the case of coronavirus the person must be placed in a designated isolation room, and health authorities should be notified immediately.

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