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Incredible Street Art Around The World In Times Of Coronavirus

From simple street art to full-blown urban masterpieces, revel at these graffiti brought to life amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Street Art From Gaza

Times of crisis have given birth to remarkable street art in cities all around the world. We’ve rounded up our favorite graffiti so that you enjoy from the comfort of your own couch. Despite streets being deserted, these urban artworks prove that the sense of community is rather strengthened during the pandemic, which brought people closer than ever before. Whether it’s promoting protective measures against the disease, thanking essential works, or just sending comforting messages, these pieces are the new life forms in the now deserted cities in all corners of the globe. Let us know which one speaks to you the most. Enjoy!

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A mural seen in Los Angeles by artist Pony Wave depicting two people kissing while wearing face masks on Venice Beach
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Street art by Zabou on Brick Lane in East London
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A mural by provocative Italian street artist TV Boy depicting the famous Hollywood film Roman Holiday (1953)
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Graffiti by a 16 year old artist in Athens
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‘Hope Dealer’ mural seen in Los Angeles by Corie Mattie
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Banksy's artwork "The Girl with a Pierced Eardrum" in Bristol
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Venus of Milo by Guy Boyer next to the Louvre in Paris
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Palestinian painters work on a mural to draw attention to the novel coronavirus pandemic in Khan Yunis, Gaza
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A mural by street artist Lionel Stanhope illustrates NHS workers as superheroes is seen in Hilly Fields
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An artist prepares his graffiti on a wall in the slaughterhouse district in Munich, Germany
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Scenes from Lambeth in London during the Coronavirus outbreak
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A graffiti message saying 'We'll be alright' tagged on a wall in Chelsea, New York
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A sidewalk message is seen outside NYU Langone Health hospital as people show gratitude to medical staff and essential workers on the front lines of the pandemic
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Harrods in London has put colourful boarding across it's shop windows with positive phrases

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