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This Saudi Hospital Just Added A New Robot Medic To Its Staff

Find out more about this all-around awesome hi-tech hero...

Before delving into this lifesaving tech invention, let's give a round of applause to the (human) health workers working around the clock to treat COVID-19 patients. In King Abdullah Medical Complex hospital in Jeddah, a robort medic was just added to the staff. This awesome new doc is treating affected patients and helps nurses and doctors to practice social distancing and minimize risk of infection. Yup, it's a win win.

How does it exactly work?

This hi-tech machine can test and diagnose people that are suspected of having contracted the novel virus. That's not all, the robot even has its own medical paraphernalia, we're talking a stethoscope, an otoscope, an eye camera, and a camera to examine the skin from afar equipped with a built-in high-resolution lens. In order for the medical team to keep a safe distance from patients, this assistant robot provides patients with medical consultations, registers their vital signs, generates radiograph images, and other efficient tasks.

All the while maintaining a top-notch standard of medical services, Dr. Robot's performance speeds up response times, told the general supervisor of the complex, Dr. Khalid Al-Thumali to Arab News.

That's not where this tech-magic ends:
The robot has even access to isolation rooms and sanitizes after leaving each room. Finally, using this robot is foolproof way of limiting the use and conserving stocks of personal protective equipment and other preventive medical supplies.

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