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Saudi Arabia's Misk Launches A Platform To Refine Your Skillset & Find Jobs

The online campaign is called "Never Disconnect" and boasts exciting educational programs and career opportunities.

As the lockdown continues, Saudi Arabia is working on ensuring that it’s business as usual, creating a myriad of initiatives and platforms to not only control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus but to also encourage growth across various sectors. As part of its efforts, the Kingdom has just launched “Never Disconnect,” an online campaign website that enables residents and locals alike to access and benefit from all the available developmental opportunities hosted on the portal.

According to its official website, the campaign will offer a wide range of educational, technological, and artistic online programs and courses to encourage youth to continue developing their ideas and skills. It will also aim to provide job opportunities for all, particularly fresh graduates and Misk Academy graduates.

In fact, the first edition of its virtual career fair entitled Misk Academy VFair was already held last week, providing a platform where job seekers visited hiring partners’ booths, applied for jobs, and even went for online job interviews. "Never Disconnect" is also offering initiatives “that seek to turn this crisis into an opportunity and promote the participation of all society members in community service through various training and volunteering opportunities.”


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According to Arab News, one of campaign’s key initiatives is the 1 hour panel talks that brings on various experts to discuss subjects related to digital media, machine learning, and leadership during crisis. The report states that Misk Academy will be providing a set of online courses in technology and digital media through its partnership with Udacity. It will also focus heavily on different art-related subjects such as painting, photography, sculpting, short-movie production, and music, holding weekly competitions and choosing the best art projects made from the comfort of participants’ homes. 

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