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Fancy A Trip To The Louvre? You Won’t Need To Move From Your Sofa

Abu Dhabi’s very own Louvre opened its doors at the tail end of 2017, and was done so in collaboration with the original Louvre in Paris, the only other museum of its in name in the world.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is currently the largest art museum and gallery in the Arab world, as it sits on 86,000 square feet.


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The stunning landmark and cultural hub has closed its doors this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic the world is facing, but is still welcoming visitors in another way.

Offering up audio tours on it’s very own app, you can now browse through the museum’s collection of art and historical artefacts in seven different languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Russian, French, Mandarin and German. There are 150 tours available that tell the incredible stories behind each exhibit.


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Taking to social media, Abu Dhabi’s Media Office announced the virtual tours on Instagram with a captioned post that stated, “@LouvreAbuDhabi is adding to its digital offering by providing free access to more content through virtual tours, video, audio & downloadable activities. This ensures that the museum’s stories of cultural connections, as told by its artworks & exhibitions, remain accessible.”

The Louvre’s audio tours virtually take you back in time through their collections of ancient artefacts, including the Mesopotamian civilizations and Neolithic revolutions and are also mindful of the time you might want to spend on a tour as the app is also offering up “curated highlight” tours for people to take a glance over what the exhibitions entail.


Une publication partagée par Louvre Abu Dhabi (@louvreabudhabi) le

Not only does The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s app boast its incredible collections of art and history, but it also allows visitors to take a guided tour through the architecture of the museum.

A guided audio tour allows for people to become immersed in the structure of The Louvre Abu Dhabi where they can virtually walk around an ancient fountain from Damascus in Syria, or see the museum’s famous dome, and a number of historical pieces of architecture which are displayed there, whilst also learning about the concept behind the stunning and iconic building.

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