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It's Time To Embrace Your Natural Hair & Give It Some TLC!

There has never been a better opportunity to be a little kinder to your hair.

While nail art, blow-dries and make-up can really add some oomph to our look, they can also be harmful. And since we’re not going to any fancy events these days (obvs) it seems like the perfect time to give our nails, hair and skin a breather. Whether it’s concentrating on skincare rather than make-up, leaving digits au naturel or accepting those wayward curls, there are many effective ways to reverse the negative effects of those weekly salon visits.

The Hair Addict, a company that has always championed women with natural hair and campaigned for them to be proud of their beautiful tresses, is here to help when it comes to showing that mane some tender loving care. The Dubai-based professionals know going back to basics can feel like a daunting task for many women who rely on straighteners, hairdryers and other heated tools. That’s why they have come up with “The Heat Free Challenge.” The task dares us to love ourselves enough to embrace our natural hair and stop using any form of heat related tools. 

While it takes a lot of effort, time and persistence, these tips from The Hair Addict will make it that much easier to ace the challenge that can help prevent hair fall and dry and damaged tresses.

#1: Be patient. By the end of this journey, you will see the best version of your hair, something you probably haven’t seen before if you started straightening your hair early on in life.

#2: Natural hair builds character. Don’t get discouraged by what other people say about your natural hair, especially at the beginning of your journey. If you decide you need a boost every now and then, join The Hair Addict community and celebrate your journey with them. 

 #3: Natural hair loves moisture. Try to stay away from shampoos with harsh sulfates and surfactants as they strip your hair from its natural oils. Also avoid conditioners and leave-ins with water-insoluble silicones as they cause product build-up and prevent moisture from finding its way to your natural tresses. Drying alcohol and mineral oils shouldn't make it to your shopping basket either.  

#4: Ditch all of your old hair tools. We’re not just talking about the straighteners here. Natural hair has its own care set and you need to invest in a new towel, new brush and a diffuser.

#5: Detox your scalp, strengthen those pores and kiss your hairloss goodbye. You may see an abundance of hair growth, and scalp masks (with clay and natural oils) can definitely remove any build up and strengthen your hair pores, which is what needs to be done for thick, luscious hair.

The Hair Addict’s own range of products designed for natural hair can be purchased online at

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