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Delve Into Sayidaty From The Comfort Of Your Home

With the current coronavirus pandemic well underway, Sayidaty has decided to go online starting with our next issue, so you don’t have to leave home to grab the latest copy! 

Issue 2040 is now available for viewing and offers a breadth of content for you to enjoy. So, take a seat, get online, and dive right into this month’s selection of interviews, features, and a wide range of articles including:

▪ Saudi Female Doctors And Nurses On The Frontline Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

▪ Is Working Remotely At Home An Opportunity To Reignite Your Love?

▪ Are You Aware Of Prevention Tips In Times Of Covid-19?

▪ 8 Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe During The Lockdown

▪ 7 Essentials For Your Summer Look, Plus A Comprehensive Guide For Hair Care At Home

▪ Your Health Matters: The World is Asking About A Treatment. Do we Have The Answer?

▪ Layla Olwi: Spending Time With My Son Khaled During Lockdown

▪ Shama’a Muhammad: How Coronanavirus Has Distanced Me From My Family

And so much more!

Stay at home, stay with us.

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