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Bring The Nammos Dubai Vibe To Your Home

Live it up from your couch!

Nammos is the Mykonos, and now Dubai, hotspot renowned for its Mediterranean brio and elegance. This celebrity hangout offers up an endless fun, uncompromisingly luxurious, and glamorous vibe, not to mention the superb menu and chilled playlist.

If you’re missing your favourite restaurant at this time in quarantine, theres no reason why you can’t bring the ambience of Nammos home. Inspired by crashing waves at the beach on a balmy evening, we’ve managed to help you recreate the celebrity loved setting within the comfort of your own surroundings with the sound and the flavours of Nammos.

From the Stuffed Arabic Pita, Fried Zucchini Tzatziki, Prawn Tempura, to the Nammos Salad and Baked Pappardelle with Tomato Sauce, these are the easy to follow recipes you can create at home, whilst you close your eyes and picture yourself at Nammos Dubai as the playlist transcends you into a state of relaxation by the blue Nammos shores.

You can listen to the playlist here:

Stuffed Arabic Pita

● 50g Arabic pita bread
● 150g feta cheese
● 30g chopped black olives
● 100g fresh tomatoes
● 10g chopped oregano

● Crumble the feta and with the chopped black olives
● Cut the fresh tomatoes into small cubes and mix with the feta cheese and olives
● Season with olive oil and add the oregano
● Cut the pita bread in half across the center to make two circles
● Add the mixture into the middle of the pocket and replace the top half on top of the stuffing
● Grill the bread on both sides, until the bread is crisp and firm
● Sprinkle the chopped tomatoes on top of the pita and season with salt, olive oil and oregano
● Cut into quarters and serve


Fried Zucchini Tzatziki

● 1 whole zucchini chopped into sticks, rectangle blocks or circles

Tempura Flour Mix:
● 100g cornflour
● 75g all-purpose flour
● 250ml cold sparkling water
● 20g chopped parsley
● 20g chopped mint
● Salt & black pepper to taste

● 50g fresh yogurt
● 10g finely chopped garlic or garlic paste
● 1pc small cucumber
● 10g mint
● Drizzle of olive oil
● Salt & black pepper to taste


● Prepare the tzatziki by whisking the yogurt and adding the garlic, some olive oil and mint
● Remove the seeds from the cucumber
● Grate the remaining cucumber
● Squeeze the juices from the grated cucumber and save the juice
● Add the cucumber to the yogurt and mix
● Add the cucumber juice to the yogurt mix to achieve your desired consistency
● Season with salt and black pepper
● Store in the fridge
● Prepare your tempura mix by combining both the flours in a bowl
● Add the chopped parsley and mint to the flour mix
● Pour in the cold sparkling water and whisk until smooth
● Season with salt & black pepper
● Add in the zucchini to the tempura mix and deep fry
● When the zucchini rises to the top of the oil and the batter is crispy it is cooked
● Drain any excess oil, season and serve with the tzatziki


Prawn Tempura

● 4 prawns No 13-15 peeled without head
● 50 gr tempura flour
● 1 egg yolk
● cold water

For the Sesame dressing:
● 1 tsp soy sauce
● 1 tsp sesame oil
● 1 tsp rice vinegar
● 1 tsp olive oil
● 1 pinch of chili powder
● 1 pinch of sugar

For the chili garlic mayonnaise:
● 20 gr mayonnaise
● 1 tsp chili garlic sauce

Mix the dressing ingredients in a bowl. Make chili garlic mayonnaise by mixing the two ingredients. Stir the flour and yolk with some water. Pour two ice cubes into the porridge and put the prawns in. Fry them in a fryer at 180'C. On a plate, spread the chili mayonnaise and place the prawns above. Pour the prawns with the sesame dressing and serve, garnishing with chives.


Nammos Salad

For the Salad:
● 50 gr white cabbage
● 50 gr red cabbage
● 1 carrot grated
● 1 small cucumber
● Peppers, colored, sliced
● 1/2 tomato
● 1/2 avocado diced
● 1/2 orange fillet
● 1 tsp pine nuts
● 1 tsp walnuts
● 20 gr Parmesan flakes
● 10 gr rocket

For the Nammos dressings:
● 2 tsp mustard
● 1 tsp brown sugar
● 1 shot glass of soy sauce
● 2 shot glasses of orange juice
● 150 ml olive oil
● 1/2 shot glass of balsamic vinegar

Mix the dressing ingredients together, save for the olive oil, which we slowly pour into the mixture. Serve the vegetables in sequence as follows lettuce, cabbage, rocket, tomato, avocado, cucumber, orange, nuts, Parmesan flakes and sprinkle them with the dressing.


Baked Pappardelle with Tomato Sauce

 Makes 2 servings
● 500g fresh cherry tomatoes
● 15g chopped garlic
● 5g salt
● ½ tsp paprika
● Sugar to taste
● 250g fresh pappardelle or pasta of your choice

● In a pan, on low heat, sweat the garlic in some olive oil (do not brown the garlic)
● Chop the cherry tomatoes in half and add to the pan
● Add a pinch of salt and cover the pan
● After 20mins, remove the lid and the sauce is ready
● Add the salt, paprika and a little sugar to balance the sauce
● Cook the pasta according to the cooking instructions and drain
● Add to the sauce
● You can add burrata, fresh basil leaves and bake in the oven to finish for extra flair

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