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Easy Yoga Masterclasses With Nadia Narian

Matches Fashion saved our day with these workout from home yoga sessions...

Working from home can keep us super busy, but not commuting to the office means that we have that little bit of extra time in bed, and perhaps a few moments for some stretching and exercise. Being at home means we are totally in our comfort zones and that can leave us feeling rather sluggish and in no mood to be stylish either. 


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Coming to the rescue, luxury e-tailer, Matches Fashion joined forces with Nadia Narain and released 3 short yoga masterclasses to keep us active in the morning, at our desks and in the evening. 


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For those unfamiliar with it, yoga is a systematic practice of physical exercises, breath control, relaxation, and meditation that can help develop a calming harmony in your mind, body and environment. Leading a yoga lifestyle is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase your energy, aid with weight loss, and improve flexibility, strength, posture, and so much more


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 So, whether you are preparing for the day, winding down or want to calm your body and mind, these three 5 minute yoga workouts will totally transform your mindset. Are you ready? 

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