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The Saudi Ministry Of Culture Launched An Exciting Reading Marathon

Bookworms this one’s for you!

Library at Ithra center

Nothing more rewarding than reading books you've always wanted to get to! The Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia launched a fun challenge to keep us all entertained: a reading marathon. In a bid to motivate people to stick to the preventive isolation period and revive their love of books and reading, this contest has indeed the perfect timing.

Nationals and residents of any age are welcome to join in this online open-reading contest, so get that rusty book bucket list out...

It doesn't matter the genre or topic, all you have to do is sign up here, share the number of pages, and your favorite quotes. The first category “Little reader" is for young readers under the age of 12 years and the second category “Big reader” is for bookworms older than 12.

Are you ready to score 100,000 pages of reading per week? Think of it as a national book club...

The number of pages read will be announced on a daily basis, as well as the publication of quotes on a weekly basis to push everyone and motivate them to read more in self-quarantine. Which book are you starting with?

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