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There Isn’t a Better Time To Join The World Tolerance Network

Some positive dialogue can go a long way….

Illustration by Brittany England via Greatist

To get through these difficult times, solidarity, respect and tolerance are extremely important. And one way to promote tolerance while supporting the “Stay Home” campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic is to register with the WorldTolerance Network.

The network is inviting people to write articles about their experiences and opinions around the different topics found under the tolerance umbrella. Those who join can also participate in discussions and build a network of relationships with other members through virtually interacting with them from home.

The World Tolerance Network ropes in 12 categories, including government institutions, individual, community and governmental initiatives. Youth, media platforms (including TV), social media and digital networks, human rights and charitable institutions, the private sector, research centres, as well as universities and other educational institutes are also included.

Launched last October, the World Tolerance Network is the first global digital platform that brings together tolerance enthusiasts, peace experts and academia. The aim of the network, initiated by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s The International Institute for Tolerance, is to consolidate and spread the values ​​of tolerance. It is also working towards building global leaders and groups that contribute to providing knowledge within a sound intellectual framework away from prejudice, violence and hatred. Plus, the World Tolerance Network supports cultural exchange while respecting diversity and pluralism, in addition to accepting and respecting others' opinions in different disciplines of life.

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