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3 Saudi Female Content Creators To Follow Now

Any Tiktok fans out here?

Everyone is one of two people: those who entertain and those who want to be entertained. Saudi content creators have been keeping us glued to our phones waiting for their next Instagram story or YouTube video. Here are the top 3 female Saudi social media mavens who have amassed huge fanbases...

AlJuhara Sajer

AlJuhara launched her channel in 2012, on which she shared all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and garnered over 500k subscribers on YouTube alone. The Saudi content creator has two channels, the first JaySajer, and another dedicated to her travels around the world. Sajer also uses her Instagram page to share her style, fabulous beauty looks, and poetry she has written herself.

Lojain Omran


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Everyone in Saudi Arabia knows Lojain Omran! This female trailblazer leads a double life, she's both a social media influencer and a TV presenter. Omran was first spotted on TV when she hosted “Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab” and has earned herself a following of 8.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million on her Twitter account - no big deal, right? The 42-year-old media icon seems to have a hand in some real estate investments and is rumored to shine in future Saudi cinema projects. We can't wait to see what she has in store of for us!

Asrar Aref


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An intriguing lifestyle and beauty YouTuber, Asrar Aref is the brains behind two channels with millions of subscribers, Drama Beauty and Drama Queen. She started making anonymous videos at the age of 18 and revealed her identity to the world 6 years later in 2020 when she reached her first 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

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