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Iconic Saudi Fast Food Chain Makes The Yummiest Donation During Lockdown

It's none other than the beloved Al Baik fried chicken resto!

Leading food chain in Saudi Arabia, Al Baik, will be donating 10,000 meals to residents under a 24h lockdown in Jeddah.

Everyday, the famous restaurant will distribute its namesake delicious roasted chicken and fries “to our beloved people in districts in the city of Jeddah which are under a 24-hour curfew.”

This sweet and fingerlicking gesture is meant to ease up a little the financial burden some families are facing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Some districts in Jeddah are on complete lockdown since Saturday, and it's no question that Al Baik’s fried chicken never failed to uplift one’s mood.

With more than 40 branches in Jeddah alone, this Saudi chain is on top of our list of the places we can’t wait to go to once this is all over. In the meantime, give in to your crispiest of cravings and #stayhome.

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