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KSA's Ministry Of Education’s Spokeswoman Ensures Access To Virtual Learning

Ibtisam Al-Shehri

Appointed by Education Minister Hamad Al-Asheikh in August 2019,  Ibtisam Al-Shehri became the first woman to hold the position for public education in the Kingdom.

With the ministry’s continuous efforts in making remote learning available to all, students in Saudi Arabia have now access to their education as the world battles the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Al-Shehri said: “The ministry implemented distance learning to 6 million students. Students were offered five options by the ministry for virtual learning, accessible at any time and place. The ministry even made these educational tools available to those without internet access, on TV through Ein channels.”

Students are a click away from 20 Ein channels on TV, Ein’s YouTube channel, Ein educational portal, future gate, and the unified education database. Over 37 million students have also tuned in to view Ein’s content on the internet, excluding those watching on TV, according to an Arab News report.

Prior to her governmental role, Al-Shehri was a school supervisor in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province institutions, and was also an English language teacher for 17 years, covering all phases of education from kindergarten to university. She holds a master’s degree in the subject of ‘Education Of Gifted Children,’ was chosen by the Ministry of Education to pursue foreign scholarship studies in the United States of America, and has attended several international conferences and special forums on education strategy over the course of her career.

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