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This Hawaiian Burger Recipe Will Surely Satisfy Those Cravings

Bring the taste of Hawaii to your home with this gourmet burger recipe from Le Burger…

If you’re missing those fun family outings, which usually include tucking into a thick and hearty burger, the good news is you can recreate the magic in the comfort of your home.  Le Burger, Vienna’s best kept secret, is known for its 2000+ burger combinations. And luckily, the family-run gourmet eatery, which recently opened in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates, has shared how to make one of its unique creations, the Hawaiian Burger. While getting the kids to help out makes for a fun activity, there’s also the satisfaction of seeing them bite into a delicious homemade treat.

For one hamburger:

  • 120g beef patty (80 percent Australian meat, 20 percent Wagyu trimmings) 
  • 30g fresh pineapple   
  • 30g cream cheese
  • 20 ml sweet chilli sauce       
  • 30g fresh iceberg lettuce
  • 50g fresh tomatoes    
  • 1 brioche burger bun
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste

Weigh the desired amount of Australian beef meet and Wagyu trimmings and cut into small pieces. Put beef and fat alternatively into mincing machine. Mix the meat and fat in a mixer, letting it run through two time (once clockwise and once anti-clockwise). Divide the blended meat into patty portions. Season the patties with salt and pepper while cooking. Grill the fresh pineapple for a smoky flavour. Place the beef patty, pineapple and all other ingredients into the bun.

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