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Social Distancing: Internet Traffic Jumps By A Third In Saudi Arabia

Who’s surfing the web like never before?

With social distancing measures taken in Saudi Arabia, internet traffic is off the roof with residents and citizens increasingly surfing the web for work, study and entertainment.

The average daily consumption of mobile and internet data has peaked by 33 percent more than last year, according to the Saudi Communication and Information Technology Commission.

Who won the greatest use of bandwidth among our internet go-tos? Youtube headed up the social network in Saudi Arabia with an estimated 22.5 percent of total daily data consumption. Facebook came in second with 8.1 percents, followed by the Playstation Network with 7.8 percent (hello, gamers!), Snapchat (7.6 percent), and finally Netflix with 6.2 percent. Is your favorite platform on here?

We expect to see the internet daily consumption shoot up again with the rising numbers of telecommuters and online students, and public-sector organizations providing more online services in Saudi Arabia.

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