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COVID-19: 7 Good News In Saudi Arabia

Things may seem apocalyptic right now, but let’s keep our head high.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all constantly surrounded with bad news so let’s take a step back and embrace the steps taken in Saudi Arabia to flatten the curve and reduce the negative impact the outbreak entails.

1. The national curfew is fostering a sense of unity across the Kingdom

2. The stimulus package will mitigate COVID-19’s negative impact

3. The Saudi national disease center kicked off their own study last week

4. The umber of cases in Qatif has drastically fallen proving once again that social distancing is essential in the fight against COVID-19

5. Retail stores are being exempt from hefty fees for the next three months

6. With more time spent at home, KSA increased the quantities of water available per household to cope with increasing demand

7. The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is holding online training to people from different industry in a bid to #flattenthecurve

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