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Saudi National Disease Center Kicks Off COVID-19 Study

It’s the small steps that count!

The Saudi National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Weqaya) started off their study into the new coronavirus with state of the art genetic sequencing “next-gen” techniques.

According to Arab News, the center said that it will use its own laboratories to pinpoint cases of COVID-19 infections in a bid to track the spread of the disease inside the Kingdom.

Weqaya works to “prevent and control infectious and non-communicable diseases, injuries and other health threats, while monitoring, measuring and evaluating population health and risks to the Kingdom.” The disease center is also behind policies and programs and offers innovative public health solutions, and stands as a reference body for public health initiatives.

Earlier this week, the first volunteer carried out a vaccine trial in Seattle and scientific research groups all around the world are racing to find an possible end to this pandemic.

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