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Stuck At Home? This Awesome Fitness App Will Get You Moving

Gyms may be closed in Dubai, but FITLOV makes it possible for trainers to turn up at your doorstep so you can exercise in the protected environment of your own home.

Along with improving your overall fitness, exercise maintains your physical and mental wellbeing and helps boost your immune system, making it even more important during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is where FITLOV, the latest fitness app, comes in if you are looking for alternative ways to stay active and healthy while efforts to contain the virus make going to your local gym impossible.


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FITLOV is a safe and convenient way to stay in shape in the comfort of your home. By using the online platform you’ll have access to their pool of 50 qualified personal trainers and 30 main fitness disciplines, including weightlifting, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, dancing, boxing and HIIT.


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FITLOV trainers, who have their temperatures taken twice daily, have all the tools and knowledge to run a safe session. This includes carrying a mask and gloves and keeping a safe distance throughout your workout. The instructors, who encourage outdoor training or open spaces, also make sure all equipment is disinfected before, during and after each session.


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Whether it’s a starter pack for those who want to work out once a week or an active pack for fitness lovers who are serious about their training and are looking for two to three sessions a week, the fitness app might be just the solution you’re looking for. There’s also a full transformation pack, which entitles you to four to five sessions a week. Free trial sessions are also possible if you prefer to give it a whirl before committing to a package.


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If you’re interested, download it here. The app is also complemented with a website to support your overall experience. 

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