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15 Remarkable Photographs Of Saudi Women To Celebrate International Women's Day

Let's embrace the diversity of Arab women everyday...

via @theuntitledproject.ksa

In the past few years till now, Saudi women are undergoing positive changes that empower them and boost their role in society. And, it's all just the beginning of a prosperous future for the Arab woman. With International Women's Day (#IWD2020) happening, let's celebrate all the broken barriers, the female powerhouses, the feminine confidence, and the love of Saudi women. From Tasneem Sultan’s photojournalism to Under The Abaya’s iconic street style and others, we’ve rounded up stunning photos embracing the Saudi woman in all her beauty. Scroll through these gems and be sure to follow the talented photographers and bloggers on Instagram.

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Amy Roko via @linamo
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Leena Al Ghouti via @arwaalbanawi
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Via @recentmag
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Via @under_the_abaya
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Shahad Salman via @5sunshine1
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Via @under_the_abaya
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By Tasneem Sultan via @everydaymiddleeast
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan
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Via @TasneemSultan

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