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What's So Special About The Trendy Ear Constellation Piercings?

The adorable earring stacking trend is so out of this world.

With smaller and more beautiful jewellery options, more and more people have been collecting pieces and layering them as a creative outlet, earrings included. One reason there’s been an unbelievable rise in the search term “piercing ear constellation” is that the possibilities with this cool trend are endless. Plus, it’s practically impossible to find two constellation piercings that are the same thanks to even our own two ears being different. So that carefully planned out pattern inspired by stars and all sorts of other astrological symbols is a great way to flaunt that unique personality.


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The hottest ear curating trend involves multiple piercings, usually three or more. (Although piercers don’t recommend doing over three in one go as it can hit the immune system hard.) And a wide range of small shiny earrings, from dainty studs to hoops, barbells and huggies, whether in gold, silver, diamonds or precious stones, can create distinctive patterns and shapes all over the ear. As well as the jewellery, the placement and angles are an important part of creating a one-of-its-kind look. Piercers also take skin tone and ear anatomy into consideration while planning a tailored assortment that is most flattering for the wearer. And from a strong statement look to a very subtle and pretty one, it’s all about adorning your ears in a way that fits your personal style.


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Stacked and vertical stacked lobes, double and tri-formations, faux rooks, rooks, helix and daith piercings are some of the choices du jour. “We are going to continue to see asymmetry in the styling of earrings and in the number of piercings wearers collect,” Maria Tash, piercer and founder of her eponymous jewellery brand, said while talking about 2020 trends to Glamour UK. "I think we will see more large clusters of stones and shapes in unusual combinations hidden in the ear, like in the rook or conch piercing. These clusters simulate more than one piercing in one piece.”


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And as Samantha Hayler, head piercer at Astrid & Miyu, told Glamour UK, lots of counterparts choose to post their work on Instagram and Pinterest, making it a “great starting place if you like the thought of having piercings but not quite sure where to start.”


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Whether you’re inspired by a star-sprinkled sky, a certain glossy cluster or a minimal yet audacious trio of your favourite planets, the delightful earring stacking trend is defintitely one of the hippest and prettiest ways to embellish those lobes. 

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