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Brunch Your Heart Out At These Amazing Jeddah Restaurants

Did you check the time? Because it's brunch o'clock!

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? You can count on a city like Jeddah to offer you the best there is for your next weekend gathering. Whether you’re more into traditional breakfast spreads or innovative egg dishes, we’re sharing the best breakfast spots to curb all of your cravings.

1. Urb Kitchen


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A crowd-favorite, Urb Kitchen boasts picture-perfect dishes that will exceed your brunchin’ expectations! Their stuffed croissant filled with creamy mushroom sauce, poached eggs, sauteed spinach and drizzled with a hollandaise sauce is your new definition of comfort food.


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 The Urb team has a fresh take on the kunafa with a mouthwatering cookie version that will satisfy your sweet cravings. A coffee bar awaits all caffeine lovers to impress with their specialty selection that’s brewed a la minute,. Urb’s contagiously good vibes will bring you back to this Jeddah spot ASAP.

2. Brioche


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As the name suggests, you can expect almost every item on the menu to come with the soft french delicacy. Their star-dishes include their impeccable Chicken French toast, their brisket sandwich, and their toothsome rib eye steak. Be sure to quench your thirst with Brioche’s cocktails like their relishing pineapple and mint juice.


A fusion dessert that earned itself a foodie reputation is  their sizzling sticky toffee date pudding drizzled with salted caramel. It’s a delightful mix of Arabian heritage and an English classic that will surprise your tastbuds.So bring all of your appetite and be ready to devour decadent platters coupled with the friendliest of ambiance!

3. Sara 
Leave it to Sara to set the bar high when it comes to brunch hour’! This charming spot boasts a nutritious menu with many guilt-free options.


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 A bite into Sara’s french toast and you’ll be hooked on this fluffy creations! Another guarantee is that this ladies cafe’s salads are never boring, so dig in your leafy dose of your day.


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And don’t forget to couple your cappuccino with Sara’s scrumptious lemon cake and other french pastries. Bon appetit! 

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