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Meet the First Saudi Woman To Lead National Water Consumption Program

The National Transformation Program 2020 kicked off by appointing Shaima Bint Mutlaq Al-Usaimi as the first female Executive Director of Awareness and Water Conservation Management in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Al-Usaimi is set to lead a national program developed by The Water Distribution Services Sector to promote rational water consumption in Saudi Arabia, the third top water consumer per capita in the world.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from King Saud University, the young Saudi talent expanded her horizons and received a master’s degree in Information Technology from Manchester University and an Executive MBA from the University of San Diego's School of Business.

Al-Usaimi aims to launch educational initiatives that will create awareness of water’s high production and distribution costs, and motivate consumers to reduce their water consumption. The comprehensive program will also partner with the private sector in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of eco-friendly water-rationalization products to Saudi households.

With a daily per capita national water consumption of 247 litres, the Kingdom's efforts to reduce the total municipal use of water has been on a rise over the past five years and is now greater than ever. The national water consumption program aims to reduce the daily per capita to 200 litres by 2020.

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