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Watch The Journey Of The First Arab Woman To Climb Everest

The first to scale it from the dangerous Northeast Ridge, in honor of women empowerement!

If you didn’t already know, Dolores Shelleh is the first Arab woman to have scaled Mount Everest’s most dangerous Northeast Ridge. The Jordanian mountaineer made history when she took on the Northeast Ridge of the world’s highest mountain in May 2019 and National Geographic Abu Dhabi shared her journey in a documentary showing her scaling the world’s highest peak. The film entitled, “The Lone She”, has premiered on March 8th 2020 in honor of International Women’s Day as part of National Geographic’s marathon showcase of inspiring women from around the world and these are the reasons why it’s a must watch: 

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Dolores Shelleh highlighted and represented trailblazing Arab women as she became the first to take on the dangerous Northeast Ridge of Mount Everest. In the name of Arab women, she held a torch who often go unnoticed as unsung heroes and bought their plight, and her own on an international scale.

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“The Lone She” follows Dolores’s 2-month journey as she scales over 8,800 meters in below freezing temperatures, choosing to take the less travelled route, open to fatalities because of lack of rescue options and harrowing weather. “By scaling Mount Everest from the North Col, I intended to highlight the message of embracing more sustainable practices and to promote the use of renewable energy as well as reinforce the need to follow healthy lifestyles in harmony with nature,” she said.

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A true mountaineer and adventurer, Shelleh was also the first Arab person to summit Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas, the eighth highest mountain in the world and regarded as the fourth most dangerous for climbers. She also added the Mera Peak in Nepal on her summit resume along with Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Mt. Elbrus. Talk about reaching the skies!

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Dolores Shelleh works closely with The Sustainable City in Dubai to raise awareness for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including climate change, sustainable cities and communities, and gender equality and will be speaking at the MEYE 2020 event.

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