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Saudi Arabia To Host Banksy's "Without Limits" Exhibition In Riyadh

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The King Abdullah Financial Center will host Banksy’s exhibition, “The Art of Banksy ‘Without Limits,’” following its display in Paris, Berlin, Melbourne and Amsterdam. Opening on the 20th of Feb 2020, the show will feature 70 pieces of work by the anonymous artist via photographs and several printed surfaces, according to the Saudi Press Agency. The exhibition in the Saudi capital of Riyadh will also include theatrical effects, visuals and a documentary on the mysterious, yet infamous, street artist. Are you excited? 

"The Art of Banksy is meant to celebrate Banksy’s art and drive his message of hope and humanity to the world," said a spokesperson from the exhibit.

British anonymous street artist, political activist, vandal, and film director, Banksy, has been active since the 90s and is renowned for his politically driven street art graffiti.


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His political and satirical commentary focused pieces of art have landed on streets, walls, and bridges of cities all over the world and continues to create and display his work in public spaces. His high-demand “installations” are often sold  to the point of having pieces of wall they are on, removed. Banksy has also produced several pieces in the occupied Palestinian territories, including a tongue-in-cheek piece on the Israeli barrier wall built through the West Bank. The award winning artist also debuted his documentary film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” in 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival, and was nominated for an Oscar for it in 2011 for Best Documentary.

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