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4 Times Ivanka Trump Praised Women Empowerment In Saudi Arabia At The #GWFD2020 in Dubai

The US president’s advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump lauded Saudi Arabia along with four other countries in the MENA region for their women empowerment progress.

Upon her visit to the UAE, Ivanka Trump attended the first day of the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai, where she praised KSA and other 4 countries in the MENA region for implementing significant changes that boost the economic participation of women and better their lives overall.


Here are 4 inspiring statements made by Trump during the #GWFD2020: 

1. "We all need to applaud these achievements and advancements. And yet, we won’t grow complacent because there is still so much more work to be done.”

2. “This number represents far more than an economic boom. It represents millions of lives full of promise, mothers who can provide for their children, daughters who could be the first to graduate high school, and young women who could start businesses and become job creators. This is the future that we can and must achieve together.”

3. “Imagine the lives transformed, the cities that would be built, the new schools that would open their doors, the children that could be helped, if we could come together and make these reforms a part of our future.”

4. “Every woman here today has an incredible story, from brave innovators to bold entrepreneurs that are bringing greater opportunity to their home countries. You are the women who are going to imagine new industries, discover new cures, create works of beauty and improve lives around the world.”

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