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5 Restaurants In Riyadh Serving Delicious Vegan Fast Food

Who's hungry and craving plant-based goodness?

Although equally delicious, vegan meals may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we're craving fast food. With veganism becoming a rapidly popular lifestyle choice in Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are a number of restaurants popping up that cater for Riyadh’s growing vegan community. We've rounded up our favorite go-tos in Riyadh for a plant-based quick bite that will keep you coming back for more. Happy eating!


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1. Blac

It’s always a win-win situation at Blac because the Riyadh spot offers both vegan and non-vegan options. The elaborate menu serves up mouth-watering plant-based burgers and appetizing sides. Don’t think twice before heading to Blac for your fast food affair!

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2. Wabi Sabi

Located in Riyadh’s As Sulimaniyah, Wabi Sabi curated a whole plant-based menu that's ready to impress. So, drag your vegan friends to this eatery and sample the pasta, burgers, appetizers bursting in every flavor. Thank us later!

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3. Greens

For the yoga bunnies and clean eaters, Greens mostly caters to vegetarians and vegans. Green’s concept might not be new as it invites people to “create your own” salads and sandwiches but with a huge variety of ingredients to pick from, your meals won’t ever be the same again. Greens enables you to go CRAZY with your toppings (even on a simple oatmeal) and enjoy a guiltless fast food experience...

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4. Yogi

 This healthy-driven resto on Uthman Bin Affan Road considers all dietary choices and restrictions, whether nut or dairy allergies (you name it), Yogi has something for everyone. Aside from biting into filling vegan sandwiches and salads, you'll be happy to mingle with fellow yogis (pun intended). Here's a pro-tip, don't leave Yogi without finishing off your meal on a sweet note with their fresh smoothie bowls.

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5. Operation Falafel

Nothing screams 'vegan fast food' more than a delectable falafel sandwich, and that's what Operation Falafel exactly stands for. This renowned vegetarian food spot across the Middle East offers up countless falafel dishes for all tastes. For the full experience though, vegans complete their falafel feast with other iconic plant-based mezza plates like hummus, tabbouleh, foul, and manakeesh.

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