Riyadh Is The Capital Of Arab Women And We're Not Surprised

It's only the beginning!

Saudi motor racing enthusiast Rana Almimoni via AFP

The decision of naming Riyadh the capital of Arab women was taken at the 39th session of the Arab Women Committee, which was held this week in Riyadh under the umbrella of the Arab League.

When we heard the news, we felt extremely proud but far from surprised and here's why:

After a sweeping wave of life-changing reforms towards women in the Kingdom over the recent years, Saudi Arabia ranked first among 190 economies in the World Bank’s Women, Business, and the Law 2020 report, with an impressive score of 70.6 out of 100. Day to day, we’re happily flooded with good news boosting women’s social lives and participation in the economy in KSA. Not only are Saudi women are witnesses of the favorable changes but many of them are advocates pushing for these wonderful reforms. Indeed, this deserved title doesn't come as a surprise but we rather welcome it as the beginning of a prosperous future for Saudi and Arab women.

Let’s end this celebratory piece with a quote from the SPA's report on Riyadh named capital of Arab Women: “Women are a homeland and an ambition.” 

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