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Rio Carnival: The 2020 Edition Of The Annual Brazilian Celebration Is Set To Be Spectacular

The Rio Carnival really is a non-stop party…

It’s already dubbed "the biggest party in the world" so imagine what Rio Carnival 2020, the edition that will see revellers celebrating a new century, has to offer. The world-renowned pre-Lent festival, which is taking place 21-25 February in Rio de Janeiro, is undoubtedly going to be even larger and better this year with an overload of music, dancing, parades, floats and merry making. As excitement builds, the Rio Carnival is expected to attract over a million travel enthusiasts and party goers from every corner of the globe.

Visitors to the beach-lined Brazilian city are set to enjoy a blend of the most energising, electrifying and breathtaking performances. One of the highlights is watching the biggest show on Earth, the Carnival Samba School Parade, which takes place in the Sambodrome. There are many other free street parties that are the best way to experience the sense of the city through the eyes of the locals. The spectacular annual event is synonymous with Samba, making it the perfect place to enjoy its pulsating sounds. All those flamboyant and bright eye-catching costumes are another reason to take in the five-day music and dance extravaganza. 

Another feature that makes the Rio Carnival so enthralling are the sophisticated Rio Carnival Balls. The most glamorous and prestigious one, The Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, is where you’ll find attendees wearing elegant masquerade masks.The Scala Rio Nightclub, with its six thematic balls, is also a hugely popular venue.

Did you know?
The Rio Carnival began as a pagan festival, with the long-held tradition dating back to the 17th century. Extravagant feasts were held to give thanks to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. After substantial African influence in the 20th century, the festival has become renowned for its dynamic dances like Samba, polka and the waltz.

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