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Discover Huda Kattan's All New Skincare Brand

Did you try Wishful yet?

Huda Kattan is one of the world’s most influential women in the beauty and cosmetics industry and when she talks makeup and beauty – we all listen!

After the major success of all of her makeup products, from when she started out with just liquid lipsticks and lashes to now, with a full range of cosmetics including foundations, highlighters, mascara, lipsticks and more – Kattan isn’t stopping there.

We all know that for our makeup to be flawless, our skin needs to be at its best too, and aimed at making all our skin dreams come true, Huda Kattan has just launched her debut skincare brand, Wishful!

The new beauty line from the beauty mogul, is set to shake things up as an ultra-curated assortment of essential “GENTLE, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE” products that are expected to become a part of every beauty lover’s daily routine.

Wishful is the brainchild of Huda and the product of her extensive 17 years’ worth of research in a quest to treat her own skin concerns and is now a range of products close to the self-made millionaire’s heart.

Running more than skin deep, Huda has spent the last 10 years or so having access to some of the world’s most innovative skincare technologies, ingredients, experts and industry leaders in the skincare industry. Whilst running her cosmetics business, social media channels and more, Huda was busy at work creating the most effective, accessible, and simple solutions to achieve happy, healthy skin.

Wishful has been inspired by the overwhelming demand for skincare products from readers of the Huda Beauty blog and her millions of social media followers, and now, the brand addresses the skincare battles that Huda has faced throughout her life.

Wishful’s debut skincare product is the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub which promises to illuminate dull skin in a matter of seconds. The exciting new product is a gentle yet powerful exfoliating scrub infused with a combination of pineapple and papaya enzymes, and BHAs and AHAs that leave the skin with a head-turning, wow-worthy glow. Tried and tested by Huda herself, the revolutionary scrub reveals smooth, radiant and glowing skin in seconds and promises long-lasting results in just 10 days thanks to its unique combination of fruit extracts, and acids. Perfect for use before applying makeup, the scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities for an immediately illuminated visage.

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