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The World At Her Feet: A Travel Organisation Run by Women, For Women

It doesn't get any better.

Whether you want to experience other places in the Middle East or explore exotic destinations around the world, these travel consultants know exactly what to put on a woman’s travel itinerary….


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Founded by travel lover Paulomi Bhatt, Dubai-based The World At Her Feet is for female travellers who make seeing and experiencing new places a priority. They can join the specialists in female travel excursions alone or with their mothers, daughters, sisters, friends or co-workers. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the participants in these trips are married, single or engaged; it is their passion for wanderlust that brings them together.


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A common reason behind women travelling alone is that their spouses/companions don't like to or don't have the time. The women-only travel organisation offers a sense of camaraderie, a supportive environment and special features designed just for women. Subsequently, one of the advantages of The World At Her Feet tours is making new travel friends, and many women come back with travel buddies they made on prior trips. What’s more, their escorted adventure trips save you up to 30-40 percent of the amount you would spend travelling the same itinerary on your own.


Une publication partagée par The World At Her Feet (@theworld_atherfeet) le

With more and more women opting to travel solo, The World At Her Feet has made it a mission to plan every trip catered towards what they enjoy the most. The trips are therefore usually a combination of adventure, shopping and relaxation, giving women plenty of time to bond and enjoy the trip and the experience. We talk to Bhatt about the travel company, which is all about new places and new friendships. 

Tell us a bit about your background.
I have had a sales and marketing background through my entire career, working primarily in the hotel sector.

Have you always had the travel bug?
Ever since I can remember, the travel bug has bitten me. If I had a bit of extra cash, I always felt I would rather spend it on travel than anything else.

What encouraged you to share your passion and start World At Her Feet?
After speaking with friends and acquaintances, I realised women love to travel, but sometimes do not get to travel as much as they wish to due to not always being able to find someone to travel with. The idea of The World At her Feet was thus born as a support travel group for women. 

Why do you think more and more women are travelling on their own?
Women, I feel, have always loved to travel, but today’s woman I think, while travelling, realises that sometimes it is not always possible to find someone to travel with. This holds true even if married, sometimes due to work constraints etc., it is just not possible for a spouse to take time off work.

Do you feel their travel needs are very different to men’s?
Yes, to a certain degree, definitely. Women tend to love more activities that include spas, culture and shopping besides sightseeing. We try and include a lot of pampering activities on our trips.

What kinds of trips do you feel women are enjoying the most?
Women, we feel, love going to exotic destinations as well unique holidays like culinary holidays, shopping holidays and wellness holidays.

What kind of special features do you have that are designed especially for women?
We always ensure that safety of country /locale is of prime importance for us. Almost all our trips are booked in destinations where women get the best experiences when it comes to sightseeing, pampering with unique spa treatments and cooking classes thrown in. Most of the guides are women too. The idea is for women to totally relax with a sense of total comfort.

As Tim Cahill said, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”  These trips must be a great bonding experience for women too.
Yes, certainly, the women who travel with us form great bonds and friendships. Love for travel is what brought them together in the first place, but soon shared interests and personalities complement this. Most women who travel with us keep in touch with each other long after the trip is over.

Do you have any specific limitations like age?
Women of all ages are free to join us, starting from 18 onwards.

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