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20 Female Saudi Influencers To Follow In 2020

Refresh your 2020 timeline with these Saudi trailblazers!

Whether you’re looking to get some fashion inspo, stay up to date with the latest in comedy, receive entrepreneurial advice, or follow fitness motivation, Saudi female influencers on Instagram will comply with their wide range of content. These leading women from the fashion, makeup, entertainment, tech, and sports industry have reached all corners of the Kingdom, the region, and some even the world. Regardless of the marketing definition that an influencer is one that convince followers to buy a product, we at About Her are celebrating all the influential aspects their online presence has led. It’s time you refresh your Instagram timeline in 2020 with this list of brilliant Saudi female influencers.

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1. Abeer Sinder

In the age of unimaginable beauty standards, it’s women staying true to themselves that we love to embrace. Meet Abeer Sinder, the first black beauty and health vlogger in the Kingdom that champions beauty through her identity. Best part? The Saudi influencer is not one to glorify teatoxes, skin bleaching products but is a hardcore fan of inclusive beauty brands. Follow Abeer here.

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2. Amy Roko

This hijab-wearing sensation has built herself her own social media empire! With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Amy Roko deconstructs stereotypes on the niqab and tackles the social realities of Saudi Women. How? It’s throughout skits and jokes in bite-sized format. Follow Amy here.

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3. Simi & Haze

We bring you Sama and Haya Khadra, two DJs fashion icons that have garnered a fanbase from all over the world. The Saudi-born Palestinian identical twins, who were raised in London and lived in Dubai for high school, have undoubtedly made it as in demand DJs. When they’re not busy with DJ at Coachella and hanging out with Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kylie Jenner or Sofia Richie, they’re hopping from country to country for modelling gigs. Follow this eclectic nomadic duo here.

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4. Raha Moharrak

Ever dream of climbing Mount Everest? Meet the youngest Arab and the Saudi woman to do it. Behold Raha Moharrak, an incredibly inspirational influencers that keeps us goin. Her ambition didn’t just stop at Everest, Raha climbed up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Vinson, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Kala Pattar, Pico de Orizaba, and Iztacchihuatl. Follow Raha here.

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5. Arwa Al Benawi

Growing up being inspired by her mother’s luxury closet full of Chanel, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent suits to launching her edgy eponymous Saudi label, Arwa Al Banawi is one to follow. Between sharing her celebrity clientele’s outfit, her current mood board, and her love of Saudi, the young womenswear designer keeps things interesting on her Instagram feed. Suit up and follow Arwa here.

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6.Darin El Bayed

Darin is Saudi-based content creator and online comedian, who has garnered a fanbase of almost 4.5 million followers on Instagram.  Through relatable skits and uncontrollable laughs, this beauty queen has made some serious social commentary on Arab culture. She’s also part of a successful Youtube show called HowaWaHeya. Follow Darin here.

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7. Bayan Linjawi

Amongst this growing pool of exceptional and boundary-breaking figures is Bayan Linjawi, an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and founder of Blossom MENA, an accelerator that aims to connect and foster technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom. Linjawi is on the path to educating, empowering, and enabling the technology entrepreneurship community in Saudi Arabia. Follow Bayan here.

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8. Hatoon Kadi

Hatoon Kadi is arguably the Kingdom’s most prominent comedy forces with an impressive reach. She hosts a popular YouTube comedy show calledNoon al-Niswa”, which earned itself millions of fans from the region.  Over the years, Kadi successfully conveyed serious messages through two powerful weapons: comedy and sarcasm. When she’s not busy grappling society one joke at a time, Kadi is a mother of two and a lecturer at Jeddah’s Dar Al-Hekma University and the School of Business and Law. Follow Hatoon here.

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9. Shahad Salman

Known as Winnie Harlow’s long lost twin sister,  23-year-old model Shahad Salman won over our hearts with her beauty, confidence, and all-around charming character. With almost 100K followers on Instagram,  the Mecca-based model is using her voice to shatter misconceptions around her skin condition called vitiligo, which is characterized by pigmentless white patches. Whether you’re familiar with this stunner or not, she’s about to become the fierce addition to your feed. Follow Shahad here.

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10. Nouf Alosaimi

The 29-year-old diver, who has been diving since 2009, spends her days exploring the glimmering turquoise waters of the Red Sea. A pioneer in the field, Alosaimi holds a local record for the deepest dive by a Saudi female at 345 feet (105 meters). The public figure recently headed up the campaign for Nike’s hijabi swimwear collection. As founder of Pink Bubbles and Disconnect KSA, which since their establishment has been targeting female divers and non-divers, encouraging them to start scuba diving while also spreading awareness around the sport. Through social media, Alosaimi gives her loyal followers a dive (pun intended) into the fascinating world of a Saudi female diver and influencer. Follow Nouf here

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11. Tamara Al Gabbani

Not only is she highly stylish, Tamara Al Gabbani is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business. The Saudi fashion designer and entrepreneur has her very own fashion brand, named after herself of course! Tired of pushing her way into boutiques to stock her brand, she went above and beyond and set up her own site from which she operates. Follow Tamara here.

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12. The Abduls

Seen as the Saudi version of Kendall & Kylie, these two Medina natives moved to London over a decade ago and have been fascinated by fashion ever since. Their Instagram account and their blog, The Abduls, take you into their closets and around the world on fashion shoots and runways. The two are also the founders of Coded Nation, "a multi-brand e-commerce boutique where the sisters spotlight emerging designers and up-and-coming brands." Follow Thana and Sakhaa here.

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13. Mariam Binladen

Mariam Binladen is a world record breaker: she is the first woman, and third person overall, to swim the entire Thames river. Not only is she an incredible swimmer, she is a Saudi dentist swam the Thames, as chronicled in the documentary “I Am Mariam Binladen”, to raise awareness for the medical needs of Syrian refugees. Follow Mariam here.

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14. Nora Bo Awadh

Youtube sensation and one of the Kingdom’s best makeup artists, Nora Bo Awadh earned herself millions of views and followers. The Saudi influencer hosts awesome masterclasses in makeup and fashion across the region for women into trendsetting. Follow Nora here.

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15. Model Roz

Known as Saudi Arabia’s first model to shoot a campaign for the Pink Collection of Victoria’s Secret. Model Roz absolutely shows no signs of her success slowing down anytime soon.

Medina-born Rozana grew up in the Kingdom’s capital city Riyadh, and is now based in Los Angeles, where she fills up her modeling portfolio with brands such as Guess, Dolce & Gabbana,Maybelline, and others. Follow Roz here.

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16. Hala Abdallah

Queen of lifestyle and taste, Hala Abdallah shares her rounded yet exciting life’s journey on her Instagram account with a huge loyal following. The young Saudi women updates her community with fantastic content on the latest in makeup tricks, skincare routines, style inspo, and her personal life. Follow Hala here.

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17. Nilo Haq

All hail Nilo Haq, world beauty and make-up artist and absolute powerhouse. She has worked for the likes of M.A.C Cosmetics, Toni & Guy and Alexandre Zouari, just to name a few, and now she is founder of iGlow Studios, editor-in-chief of Saudi Beauty Blog, as well as hosting various workshops to teach her knowledge to other young women. Follow Nilo here.

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18. Reem Al Sanea

Another member of the A-class of Saudi influencers, Reem AlSanea’s star just keeps on giving. The 24-year-old brunette boasts magnetic fashion-based photos and selfies, which are particularly popular with the younger generation. The Los-Angeles based AlSanea has also made waves with her self-titled YouTube channel, where she has a following thanks to her entertaining lookbooks and Q&As. Follow Reem here.

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19. Fozaza

Youtube sensation turned fashion designer, Lady Fozaza impresses on the style front, and is an advocate of all-things fit and healthy. Word is she’s the OGs of influencers; she did influencer product placement in 2011 before it was a thing. Even the Kardashians gave her original blazers their stamp of approval. The trendsetter rocks the role of TV host for MBC’s famous trending show - talk about multitasking! Follow Fozaza here.

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20. Njoud Al Shammari

A Saudi blogger who is based in the UAE, Njoud Al Shammari has been recognised for being one of the Forbes Middle East Arab Women Social Influencers. Anything you want to learn about? Njoud probably a unique take on it through her lifestyle content. Follow Njoud here.

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