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Al Ula To Host Saudi Arabia's Very First Ecotrail

Work on your fitness as you revel at monuments embodying thousand years of history!

Saudi Arabia is offering you a way to combine your love of sports, wanderlust, and earth! French running initiative Ecotrail is landing for the first time the Kingdom UNESCO World Heritage Site Al Ula on February 8th, 2020, as part of the Winter in Tantora festival.


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Here’s the catch: runners will get the chance to explore Al Ula’s as part of their trail and it’s all environmentally friendly. Gather up your forces because runners will compete in 83km, 45km and 10km distances through the city’s majestic sandstone mountains and canyons.


Une publication partagée par EcoTrail AlUla (@ecotrail_alula) le

Word is the 10 km hike enables explorers to move through the tombs, historical sites, and archaeological gems. We’re in awe of runners that will capture Al Ula’s incomparable beauty as they pace through the ruins.

More on Ecotrail
EcoTrail was founded in Paris in 2008 to promote and organize eco-friendly trail running races while highlighting local heritage. An example is participants bringing their own drinking system because cups are forbidden in the race. Organizers also offer runners their own little pocket kit for collecting trash. You can reserve your spot here.

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