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Summer 2020: Dubai To Host An Exciting Music Festival To Help End Global Poverty

We hear Lizzo is performing...

Dubai has just become the seventh city in the world to host Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream, which is a major global music festival that will take place simultaneously across six continents on September 26th 2020. The idea is for the music festivals to raise enough money all over the world to help bring an end to global poverty. New York, Seoul, Lagos have been announced as participating cities in the 10 hour music festival, and there are some pending unannounced cities in Latin America and Europe. 

The brains behind it all, non-profit organization Global Citizen, whose aim is to coerce the world’s governments, philanthropists, corporations, and citizens to take positive steps in helping to end global poverty and cope with climate change, since we have been seeing its negative impact on the planet in recent times.

Acts who will perform at Global Goal Live include the likes of Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, and Lizzo with more to come, and we can also expect to see Katie Holmes, Trevor Noah, Hugh Jackman, and Idris Elba in attendance.

We can’t wait to find out who will center stage in Dubai for the monumental humanitarian event, so stay tuned!

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