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5 Pieces Of Furniture You Can Buy From This Awesome Saudi Designer

Jeddah-based interior design firm Shadow brings forth innovative furniture that combine both comfort and elevated design. Meet Saudi woman, Olfat Barayan, the university instructor and entrepreneur, who founded Shadow studio in 2016.

The career-driven designer focuses on creating unique interior spaces and special furniture pieces that cater to individual needs. A glance at her collection and it’s clear that her versatile products advocate simple living and human-centric design.

A psychology expert from the University of Tampere, in Finland, recently proved that wood has stress-reducing effects on people. And so, Shadow gave birth to the Swedish wood Equal chair, which was specifically designed to help reduce stress in daily life. Barayan’s signature chair is the intimate addition to a salon, living room, hotel lobby, and even a spa.

The hexagon-shaped six-legged chair uses fabric and bamboo screens to offer different levels of privacy and comfort. We’re already imagining ourselves catching up on our favorite Netflix sagas in this cocoon. Barayan’s creation makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones that are keen on meditation.

The studio’s Surround Me Dresser won over our hearts with its functional yet glamorous design. This two-part dresser fits in the smallest of spaces because it  can easily be closed and save you some major space.

Since we’re all about empowering talented Saudi women, we’re adding Barayan’s designs to our 2020 wishlist. Here are alterations of the amazing Equal chair and other pieces, which are all made-to-order . Don’t forget to follow the Jeddah-based furniture haven on Instagram

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1. The Equal Chair In burgundy

The separations make it the perfect addition to any waiting room.

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2. The Equal Chair in Dark Blue

The elegant touch to your living space

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3. The Surround Me Dresser

Here to cater to all of your glam operations

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4. This funky stool
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5. The Equal Chair in Yellow

For those intimate catch-ups with your loved ones

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