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Make Your Home Extra Cosy With These Winter Season Decorating Ideas

Turn your home into a snug winter haven with these ideas and tips.

Bringing cooler temperatures and dramatic colour changes in nature, this is a favourite time of year for many of us. It’s also the perfect time to embark on a home makeover to add touches that create a space that's truly your own.

Try out these tips and discover what a difference some new décor ideas will make to your home.

Add Warm Colours
Integrating warm colours is undoubtedly one of the most important steps to take this season. Add colours such as:

  • Pale green
  • Grey mixed with light green and soft yellow
  • Brownish red, mixed with light grey to add a wintery twist to your design
  • Create harmony between the different elements of décor by adding cushions in shades of red

Elementary Touches
1.The Living Room
Furnish the living room with wooden furniture or furniture painted with natural wood colours

  • Add modern sofas, preferably arranged in an L-shape
  • Choose sofas composed of two or three seats in large rooms
  • Opt for a luxurious design for armchairs
  • Select fabrics made of soft cotton for large sofas, and fabrics with painted or printed tree leaf patterns for complementary accessories, such as curtains and cushions
  • Add rectangular cushions in different shades of grey mixed with light orange

2. The Bedroom
Furnish with quality furniture and luxurious accessories

  • Choose opulent, stylish bedrooms to combine modern elegance and classic luxury
  • Opt for a bed with a contemporary design, covered with classic printed fabrics and add an armchair with the same design and colour of the headboard
  • Add classic stylish curtains, in addition to a low seat and a small carpet in the middle of the room

Let the accessories do the talking

  • Choose pictures and paintings with a seasonal theme, in different sizes to hang on the wall
  • Scatter cushions and lay blankets on the couch
  • Add ceramic pottery items as well as dried flowers and bowls filled with fruits on the table in the living room
  • Hang a circular mirror with a brown wooden frame on the living room wall to suggest spaciousness
  • Dim lighting, add table lamps with brown wooden stands and arrange a selection of candles around the room


Warming Things Up
Add a touch of warmth to your home to make it cosy..

  • Add cushions in the living room in warm shades such as red, amber, dark green and ochre
  • Create a cosy atmosphere by adding curtains in warm colours, such as red and tawny- brown
  • Opt for tablecloths, carpets and cushions in the same colour theme
  • Throw light coloured blankets on couches and add bamboo items, such as baskets, in the living room
  • Set the dining table with white plates and decorate with burnt orange napkins and a centrepiece with roses, chrysanthemums and seasonal greens
  • Hang oil paintings on the wall next to the dining table
  • Light candles in paper shades on the coffee table in the living room and on the veranda to create a dreamy atmosphere 

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