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These Aerial Shots Of Paris Will Have You Book Another Vacay

An incomparable view of the French capital - just in time for the fashion week!

Just in time for fashion week, we stumbled upon stunning bird’s eye view images of Paris and we’re booking our flights ASAP. Meet Jeffrey Milstein, a high-flying photographer has captured stunning images of Paris from above. The talented photographer, renowned for his aerial shots of U.S cities, decided to take over this iconic European capital in a distinguished way.

His work features Parisian landmarks, architecture, and lush greenery. Aside from the classics like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Milstein captured the Charles de Gaulle airport from above and a fun park called Foire Du Trone.

Speaking about his work, Jeffrey commented: “In the last few years I began shooting in Europe, starting with London and Amsterdam. When I attempted to do Paris from above I discovered that Paris is extremely difficult to get permission to fly directly over for photography in a helicopter. It took many months of help from many supporters of my work, and in May I was given permission for two flights".

Wondering how these breathtaking shots are possible? Well, it’s as hard as you think.

 "The photographs are taken from a helicopter with the door off where I am in a harness that lets me lean out of the helicopter to get the straight down shots. From 1000 feet above you can spot standalone shapes, patterns, and geometry,” he added. Bon voyage!

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