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Renowned Operatic Pop Quartet Il Divo And Legendary Andrea Bocelli To Perform In Saudi Arabia's Winter In Tantora

In 2018, Saudi Arabia launched a one-of-its-kind festival in the breathtaking, historical region of Al-Ula. Set in the north western region of the Kingdom, in a location known for its golden sandstone and mesmerizing oases, the inaugural edition of Winter At Tantora brought in a staggering number of visitors from across the region and beyond, and featured big names on its stages, and the second edition, which is already underway, has aimed to be bigger and better.

As part of this edition’s lineup, some exciting upcoming acts have been announced this week, including world-famous operatic pop quartet Il Divo, set to perform on January 17, and the globally celebrated Andrea Bocelli, who will take the stage on January 31. The festival, which showcases the best of the Kingdom’s culture and heritage and brings in world-class acts from various countries to perform, is set to continue through March 7, so expect to hear about more amazing acts coming to Al-Ula to mesmerize audiences from across the globe.

Scheduled over 12 weekends, Winter At Tantora isn’t the only large-scale event taking place in the region. Al-Ula is also hosting a wide range of events from the Dakar Rally, an endurance horse race and a desert polo tournament, to a ballooning festival and art installations, ensuring that Al-Ula’s rich history will be once again be available for all to enjoy. Indeed, the region is a fantastic location for the festival and other events due to its stunning beauty, rich history, and hospitality of its people.

Over the past couple of years, Al-Ula has been making headlines for a number of reasons aside from Winter At Tantora: from being the location of the upcoming Al Sharaan Nature Reserve, a 925-square kilometer location that will house the region’s rare flora and fauna, as well as a luxury project designed by award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel; to being a destination for rock climbers from the region and beyond due to its extraordinary terrain and rock formations.

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